3 doors

Put simply, our physical body, energy, and mind are said to be the three doors through which one can practice and eventually realize enlightenment. Therefore, trulkhor can be understood as movements that guide the energy linking the mind with the gross and subtle bodies. This brings internal or even mystical experiences and transformation to the practitioner. Also, with the help of movements that help the mind guide the vital breath currents into different areas, the practice brings the possibility of healing the body-energy-mind system, which is the model of good health in Tibetan medicine. In especially integrative medicine, all forms of yoga are part of the mind/body category. These are practises where mind/body are harmonized and so for example you can help some tension in the body or some sensation of anxiety by calming your mind. What you do with your mind (even if for now we limit the mind to the brain) can affect body, and when things happen in the body the mind is affected too. But what´s important in all mind/body practices, something we forget in western languages is that actually in mind body there´s a “missing link” which is the breath. In tibetan it is also part of the category tsel, sometimes translated as energy, but its not really this kind of esoteric way of thinking about energy, rather what is meant is both the field of interaction of mind body, and how it expresses itself particularly in its ways as speech and breath. It is what we usually call body-breath-mind, body- speech-mind, or body-energy-mind.