By discovering ancient Tibetan yogic techniques of “enlightenment” with secondary effects of  „health and wellbeing” used  for over a thousand years, we have unlimited opportunities to unlock enormous realms of potential. With modern technology, we can realize our dreams in hours not weeks. But modern mind seems to be trapped in a mechanised conception of the universe. We`re in an age of rapid destruction and at the same time immense creativity.

Here is a collection of youtube films about the Magical Movements of Tsa Lung and Trulkhor…

Ligmincha Institute


Tibetan Yoga for Cancer patients



Brasil english and portugese subtitles Entrevista 2011 do Mestre Alejandro Chaoul- Interview 2011 Mas


Alejandro Chaoul: „Keys To Inner Peace“ on LIVING SMART with Patricia Gras


Rubin museum: Is meditation medicine of the mind?


Rice Gallery yoga session with Alejandro Chaoul in rooms of the art installation of Gunilla Klingberg